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whodeannypod's podcast

Nov 21, 2019

Franklin walks you through the three big changes he wants to see in his beloved NBA. The rules, court, and schedule would all be adjusted if he were the emperor of the Association. 


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Nov 14, 2019

Check out Anthony Gomez, a junior at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, and aspiring poet. Gomez debuts two brand new poems from his forthcoming collection! 

Nov 7, 2019

Jace Dery recently visited the WhoDeannyPod to share his thoughts on being a high school senior, his love of sports broadcasting, and his plans for the future. He also demonstrated his great aptitude for conversation. Enjoy Jace's podcast debut! 


Oct 30, 2019

Franklin is joined by his first University High student guest, Maya Callan, on this week's WhoDeannyPod! 

Maya shares some reflections on living in "The White Space" as defined by Elijah Anderson. We hope you'll enjoy this fascinating conversation. 

Oct 24, 2019

Franklin is joined by one of his very first students, Drew Rizzo-Connor, to talk about the upcoming NBA season. And Drew is a fire breathing dragon! Hear their fascinating perspectives on teams, players, and (un?)likely outcomes.