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whodeannypod's podcast

Aug 16, 2018

Franklin is joined by his colleague, John Williams, a Religious Studies teacher and moderator of the Young Republican club. LOTS of fun, interesting conversation here. Enjoy! 

Aug 9, 2018

Lots of things and people are named after Ronald Reagan but no other President for the last fifty years. Why do Americans love him so much? 


Franklin explores the reasons in this short but fascinating episode! 

Aug 1, 2018

Franklin shares his thoughts on the possibility that we will have a President Pence sooner rather than later and the need to find potential VP replacements before the 2020 elections. 


Also, fun with the 25th Amendment! 

Jul 23, 2018

Franklin is joined by Ann Wells who continues sharing reflections on her complicated personal journey and the happy life she has created for herself. 


Jul 20, 2018

Franklin is joined by Ann Wells who shares her poignant and personal reflections on discovering beauty.