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The WhoDeannyPod

Nov 29, 2021

Michael Harriot asked Black Twitter, “Who is the most ‘blackfamous’ person of all time?” 

We're going to start our #BlackFamous Series with Billy Dee Williams, someone White folks think they know and someone Black folks LOVE. 

Enjoy this fun new ride! 

Billy Dee's IMDB

Nov 20, 2021

Some reminders that Kyle Rittenhouse isn't the end; he's another opportunity for beginning. 

Please know there are no punches pulled in this episode. If you're not ready to hear this one, just save it for later. 

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Nov 17, 2021

Franklin shares some of his thoughts on interacting with strangers in public spaces. Do you have some of the same instant reactions he does? 


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Jun 30, 2021

Check out host Rishab Prakash as he explores the incredible world of Kanye West. Join him for the WEST. POD. EVER. 


Mar 9, 2021

What do badges, Confederate symbols, and UFOs have in common? 

They're part of this short and sweet podcast about undersold stories that should bring us hope! 

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Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent...