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The WhoDeannyPod

Jul 30, 2020

Mac Perkins and Caroline Todd make a triumphant return to the WhoDeannyPod! 

Two of my favorite guests, former students, and people, these young folks give us great reminders of just how malleable and insightful their generation truly is. 

I'm incredibly excited to follow their journeys into college and the...

Jul 17, 2020

Franklin shares a few summer themed poems for your enjoyment! 

Find more of his poetry @ and order Dreams and Premonitions @

Jul 9, 2020

Franklin shares his reflections on living through an age of renewed lynchings, his experiences in Bloomington, IN, and the purposes of public violence. He also asks White listeners to consider whether they would be bystanders or interveners in moments of crisis. 

Slow this one down to 1x speed, y'all! 

Hamden Rice  

Jul 1, 2020

Franklin asks pointed questions about the multiple giant mysteries still surrounding this POTUS. Perhaps most urgently, what does Trump actually care to know? 

Check out this highly thought provoking pod!